Mistitarot by Misti Feliciano

Spiritual & Christian Counsel ~ Life Coaching ~ Tarot Counsel~ Author

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Soul Connection Reading

$125.00 $250.00

Learn your Karma from past lives, Your Destiny in this one,  and start the activation of your life now!

In this reading Misti will give you the keys to unlock your higher self and start living the life you promised you would live before you came to this earth plane. 

Learn what your Karma is, where it came from, and how you can clear it both physically and spiritually

Learn about your talents and how they can help you achieve the spiritual and physical goals your soul has.

Learn about yourself and how you can move forward in confidence and understanding of self. 

Your reading will include an indepth copy of your soul's reading including Karma points and how to clear it and also includes a 2hr session with Misti so she can show you your path and how to move forward. 

Please allow 48 hours from time of purchase for appointment. (i.e.if you would like a soul reading Saturday then please purchase and contact Misti no later then 5 pm the thursday before) 

2 hour session is for Skype or telephone 

When purchased please send an email to [email protected] with your exact birth name that is on birth certificate including mispellings.

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