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Code of Ethics for Tarot Reading

Ethics in Counseling

The ACA ethics applies to my readings as well however, below is my own list that I abide by as well. 
It is my job to know that you understand everything that is being said.
Fear should never come into play during your reading. If you do feel uneasy or fearful please let me know.
I am aware that I may not be your kind of reader or even what you need. You will not hurt my feelings if this is how you feel.
I have a strict policy on how often you can receive readings from me. Unless there are major events happening every week, then once a month is more than enough. I am here to help you not tell you what to do everyday. If you are constantly asking me about other people I will insist you start asking about yourself if I feel you have become obsessed. I am known for refunding money and refusing payment if I am not what is needed.
I will never ask you for more money to lift a curse, pray for you, etc. IT IS MY JOB to help you and if that means prayer than I will pray for no extra money.
Confidence is key in my job. Telling other people about your reading or what you have asked is against my code. They will be refused and I will tell you. I do not speak or predict death. It is not what I do and will not speak of it. If i see someone is in danger I will say something. It is my job to be completely honest. I do not believe in telling you something to make you happy. It is the truth or nothing. 


Be honest with me. 

If you are lying and good at it, the cards will believe your fantasy life and discerning it could prove difficult. If you don't like what I am saying tell me. If you are uncomfortable please tell me. It is not my job to make you feel awkward, it is my job to comfort and help.

Don't tell me everything until I have done your reading. I want your time to be pure with me and if you tell me everything up front then there will be nothing for me to read. At which point it will just be a counseling session. 

Be Open and Relax! Having your cards read can always be nerve racking, especially your first time. If a loved one who has passed popped in, it can be very emotional. It is ok and I promise I will never let you walk away until we have laughed, prayed, or taken deep breaths. 

Realize that only YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR CARDS! We are created from free will. there are times, yes, where we can not change something. 99% of the time however we can. So just because I tell you this and that does not mean you can not change it for the better or worse. Nothing is set in stone or in cards!

You can read the entire ACA Code of Ethics
They are the rules I live by and believe in. The same rules apply for my readings as well. 
With sessions it is up to you if religion is brought into the session. I have a formal education in not only Christianity but in all faiths. I am here to take care of the whole person. If I believe within sessions that I may not have the education needed to help you then I will be honest with you. I will also help you find someone who can help.
Unlike the counseling I do in Tarot Reading, the cards will not be used in our sessions. 

Your job as a Client

Be honest

Be respectful

Talk openly



Tell me what you expect

Tell me what you would like to have happen